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Eight Ways to Identify Market Opportunities for Business Analysis

Posted in Business Analysis

There is no shortage of market opportunities in today’s economic environment, but sustained business growth and profitability aren’t guaranteed. Every day, the world changes due to advances in science and technology, and a changing world brings a surfeit of possibilities; yet, not all will be appropriate for your business. It is critical to identify market opportunities compatible with its vision and capabilities.

Product and service life cycles are becoming shorter due to technological and scientific advancements causing business models and new competitors are entering the market from outside the industry. Such continual instability necessitates the quest for new business opportunities. It is vital to understand business orientation and know its resources, assets, and capabilities. Rahy’s business analysis consultants have outlined eight methods that will assist you to uncover market prospects for business growth in this article.

1. Segmentation of Customers

Most business analysis consultants recommend establishing consumer segments that reflect common business traits to comprehend demands. Age, gender, house, educational level, occupation, and income level are examples of “hard” variables. Lifestyle, attitude, values, and purchase impulses are examples of “soft” variables. Hard variables might aid in estimating a company’s potential consumer base. Segmentation assists marketers to be more efficient in terms of time, money, and other resources.

2. Assessment of the Situation

Figuring out where your company lies is essential to identifying and selecting an ideal market opportunity as a business is determined through situational analysis. It is a valuable tool for determining the qualities and shortcomings of your company. Consider the following questions:

  1. Is there anything in your product range that you feel is missing?
  2. Are you improving your product’s current features to offer a new line?
  3. What platform do people utilize to buy your goods?

By conducting this study, companies can determine what is missing to achieve business growth.

3. Analyse Your Competitors

It’s a competent business practice to stay on top of your competition. Businesses must answer the following questions while browsing through their competitor’s websites:

  • Which of your competitors is gaining traction? What could be the reason behind this?
  • What services they are offering that you do not?
  • What is their unique selling proposition?
  • Whom are they going after? Also, how do you do it?
  • With which suppliers and partners do they collaborate?

While you are at it, create a list of competitors’ strengths and limitations to determine any prospects for the difference. Also, keep in mind that analysis is not a one-time thing. Companies may see nothing on competitor X’s website today, but they may make considerable changes tomorrow. Rahy’s business analysis consultants can assist firms in auditing their immediate competitors at least once a month.

4. Complementary Products and Services Evaluation

Companies should keep an eye on the performance of related items from other companies. For example, a packaging company should keep track of the sales of products it might package. At the same time, a coffee machine manufacturer should learn about the progress of different types of coffee sales. When making investing selections, businesses must consider the advancements in complementary markets.

5. Leverage Social Evolutions

Even if your clients are committed to the brand, they will not hesitate to switch to one of your competitors if their demands change. As a result, it is critical to remain at the forefront of how consumers’ purchasing habits are changing. With a reliable business analysis consultant working with youthis information can help you develop strategies to meet your customers’ needs. Businesses should be aware of societal developments, the latest trends, and how can they affect a client’s requirements. Therefore, to conclude, if your business remains competitive in the market, only then will your company develop. 

6. Diversify

Diversifying entails offering new items to new markets to create new products and services. If your firm is the first to address needs that other providers are unaware of, you can benefit from it, as it is a first-movement advantage. For instance, even though book retailers were striving to open online stores, Amazon realized this window of opportunity to invent something and came up with the first-ever online book store. Firms need to be imaginative and innovative to make this happen. Furthermore, broadening the product/services range entails significant risk; companies must first conduct a trial before introducing it to the market.

7. Foreign Markets Analysis

Exploring other geographies may bring extra prospects when a company operates in a developed or saturated market. Knowing the evolution of a product’s per capita consumption in a specific country might indicate the product’s life cycle maturity. It will be easier to determine the business potential if you have information about the size of the market and rivals in other nations. Business Consulting Services can assist in gaining useful information regarding economic movements, competition, continuing market trends, demographics, and client spending patterns that eventually aid in overall business growth and development. 

8. Look into Other Industries

It is essential to analyze direct and indirect competitors. Businesses can find out which companies are currently leading the market. Our business analysis consultant can help business figures out what they are doing to differentiate themselves from the competition and implement similar strategies in your company. To develop a strong rapport that future competitors struggle with, strive to understand the critical values and the dialects that resonate best with people for business growth. 

Rahy Consulting can help you identify and analyze business hurdles and uncover overlooked opportunities. Connect with us for business growth and profitability