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Corporate Development & Finance

Consultant for Corporate Development and Finance in Saudi Arabia

In a world of rapidly shifting competitive opportunities, business leaders are constantly challenged to create exceptional value. Every business aspires to increase value for its owners. They require both the capacity to use these insights to their advantage for long-term success and strategic insights into how the world is likely to change. To accomplish this, intelligent, subtle trade-offs must be made between growth and margins, reinvestment and shareholder payouts, and how capital and resources are allocated across the company's portfolio. By using Rahy Consulting's services, you can find out what it takes to build strategy, value creation, and get rewarded for it in the capital markets. We provide consulting services in corporate development and finance to businesses all over the world using the experience curve, growth-share matrix, and digital deconstruction, amongst others. Our consulting team assists clients in generating growth, luring investors and talent, and providing value to stakeholders.

Benefits from a Successful Corporate Development and Finance Consultation from Rahy Consulting would include:

  • Providing Corporate Strategy
  • Effective Business Strategy
  • Corporate Finance Excellence
  • Analyzing and investing in new strategic initiatives (encompassing M&A, Transactions, Post-Merger Integration, and Strategic Divestitures)
  • Achieving Operational excellence
  • Making forecast models and budgets to decide how to allocate resources and track the company's performance.
  • Ensuring capital adequacy
  • Identifying and handling non-core business assets
  • Improving client/customer experience
  • Optimizing firm productivity
  • Product development and market penetration
  • Portfolio management

How We Work to help your business:

  • We assist you in developing a successful corporate strategy that identifies the best possible business portfolio, prioritizes the best growth opportunities, and creates a financial plan that generates wealth.
  • We work with you to create a business plan that gives you the freedom to be creative and follow your company's particular path to success while also taking the competition into account.
  • We work together with you to develop corporate, business, financial, and investor strategies that maximize outcomes, build lasting value, and protect against the rising tide of shareholder activism.
  • We provide end-to-end transaction excellence support for your company, including strategic merger and acquisition decision-making, IPO and spinoff support, and the development of successful post-merger integration strategies.
  • We assist you in improving your overall strategy function by implementing planning processes that emphasize insight, preparedness, and agility for long-term success.
  • We offer technical, strategic, and transformative risk and compliance offerings that assist you in converting uncertainty into opportunity.

Start planning your company reorganization now

Offering solutions to create a corporate structure that bridges cultural differences is a specialty of Rahy Consulting. For many companies, finding the balance between short- and long-term tradeoffs is often challenging in new markets. We cater to a successful structuring that considers the interests of all stakeholders, revive a workforce, and foster greater career opportunities. This strategy results in enhanced capabilities in navigating local public administrations and institutions. Rahy Consulting’s tailored individual solutions could even help your company mitigate risks of working in some regions that can expose you to currency fluctuations without having the traditional tools available to hedge currency values. With Rahy Consulting and its industry experts focusing on corporate development and finance to arrive at solutions in portfolio strategy & capital allocation, value creation strategy, value-based processes & culture, and more, we can help develop a roadmap to an equilibrium based on our clients’ vision, market conditions, emerging trends, and geopolitical considerations. Contact us right away with any questions!

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