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How to Achieve Operational Excellence In Hospitality

Posted in Hospitality Consulting

Whenever someone proposes a change in hotel operations, hoteliers often answer, “That’s the way it is! Why change now?” Admittedly, changes can be challenging, they might bring some resistance, but they are continually needed for better results and survival. Whether hotel leaders like or dislike it, the fact is hotel operations are changing drastically. Rahy’s hospitality consulting service helps hoteliers keep up with ongoing changes. The current Coronavirus pandemic is expediting basic processes already occurring within the industry, like analyzing operations, increased revenue, adoption of technology, productivity, and guest satisfaction. Lets us first understand what operational excellence is.

What Is Operational Excellence?

Business Dictionary describes operational excellence as “A workplace philosophy where problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership results in continuous development.” The process suggests focusing on customer’s needs, retaining employee’s optimism and empowers improvement of current activities in the workplace.”

Overall excellence leads to a different level of performance because your operational house is in order. In truth, a company’s operational excellence meaning can be whatever you decide it is. Operational excellence is the dedication to sustain the highest standards beyond your brand. It is the dedication to innovate processes, services, and products continuously. In addition, excellence focuses on creating a culture that empowers employees to deliver exceptional customer service consistently.

Achieve Operational Excellence
Importance of Operational Excellence 

Importance of Operational Excellence 

  1. Enhances Customer Loyalty: High levels of consistency mean customers know what to expect every time they visit; this directly increases retention and brand loyalty.
  2. Boosts Productivity: Teams are empowered to learn their job well; it increases motivation, job satisfaction and boosts performance. 
  3. Enhances Customer Experience: Processes enable mitigation of employees’ time, allowing them to focus on new ventures to stimulate value and increase excellence in customer service.
  4. Develops Agility:  Hospitality consultants believe businesses promoting ongoing improvement culture stay ahead of the competition. It is because they acclimate quickly to evolving consumer interests and demands.
  5. Reduces Costly Mistakes: Systematic processes allow employees to get the designated work right every time, ultimately improving your bottom line, saving time and resources. 

How to Achieve Operational Excellence Through Hospitality Consulting?

The modus operandi for operational excellence is different for every hotelier. Nonetheless, there are some simple measures companies can follow to achieve the best standard of operational excellence possible:

  • Create Unique Customer Experiences: Be deliberate about customer service; you can start by asking yourself, “What standards can I put in place to create a memorable experience guaranteed to make customers’ return?” and then work towards achieving it. 
  • Seek Consistency: With the assistance of a hospitality consulting service, you can get complete clarity over your operations and site performance so that you can quickly identify if brand standards are slipping away. This process will allow you to allocate time and resources where they are needed the most.
  • Create A Culture Of Continuous Improvement: Share your vision of innovation with employees. Create a culture that establishes a proper behavior momentum system.

Operational Excellence Through Hospitality Consulting

Operational excellence is a crucial element needed to maximize a hospitality consulting organization’s output while reducing efforts. Rahy hospitality consulting services help organizations do more with less. Contact us today.